Find your voice & tell your story


'It was the perfect mix of beautiful images, technical things to learn and put into practice and inspiring storytellers. I couldn't recommend the course enough.' -Verity

'Little Stories of My Life has taught me all the storytelling skills I was hoping to learn, and inspired me to find new ways to capture and share my stories. But it has also brought me so much that I had not expected...this is a very special and precious course.' - Gaelle

Do you want to tell your story, but struggle to find your own unique voice?

Do you wish that you could reflect the beauty of the everyday in your images, and write captions that will draw people in to your life or creative business?

Do you ever feel intimidated by perfection on social media, or wonder whether your own story is worth telling?

Little Stories of My Life is my signature 5 week E-course. I will nurture your creativity and confidence, teaching you my secrets of storytelling with words and pictures and revealing how to find the magic in the everyday. Whether it's to grow a creative business or just for yourself, I want to help you harness the power of small stories.

Learn to tell your story in your own voice, with meaningful words and soulful images, and find the courage to step into the frame. Live, love and record the stories of your life and share your truth, whether you tell your stories online, to family, or treasure them just for yourself.

I’ve poured my heart into this course and distilled into five heartfelt weeks everything that I’ve learned from my years of creative work. I'd like to take you by the hand and lead you from uncertainty to creative confidence, giving you the tools that you need to capture the world around you: to produce wholehearted words and narrative images, to tell your story and connect with others telling theirs.

When my son was a baby, I picked up my camera and a notebook and began a learning journey that took me from feeling lost and isolated, convinced that I had nothing to say or share, to living a fulfilling creative life that I love. I truly believe that everything I’ve achieved came from finding the confidence to realise that my story was worth sharing and that my voice was relevant. My transformation all began with my story, and now I want to help you to tell and believe in your story.


  • Five weeks of in-depth lessons
  • Weekly homework assignments to help you develop your skills and consolidate your learning
  • Creative prompts to take away
  • Insightful interviews with inspiring storytellers
  • Lessons I’ve learned from my years of storytelling with words and pictures
  • Worksheets to guide and inspire you
  • Access to the members-only Facebook community, to connect, discuss ideas, ask questions and share inspiration
  • Support from me (via the Facebook group and email) for the duration of the course
  • A video Q&A with me so that you can ask questions
  • Access to all the course materials for 1 year so you can complete it at your own pace
  • Bonus - a storytelling reading list
  • Bonus - exclusive advice from magazine editors on telling your story in print


  • My seven secrets of storytelling
  • Finding, and connecting with, an audience for your story
  • How to compose an image that tells a story, using whatever camera you have available
  • Ways to capture mood and emotion through composition and editing
  • Tips for visual storytelling
  • The benefits of mindful storytelling, and developing a meditative approach
  • The joy of self-portraiture - how and why you can step into your story
  • How to compose an enticing written narrative, for captions or blog posts
  • Social media tips for sharing your story online
  • Ideas for putting together a story you can hold in your hands

Discover how to connect using the magic of narrative: this course is packed with storytelling tips, and exercises to help you to find your unique voice and tell your story with meaningful words and soulful images.


Your Instructor

Laura Pashby
Laura Pashby

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a photographer, writer and editor. I tell stories using words and photographs: on my blog, to my 60k+ Instagram following, for brands, and on the pages of beautiful magazines. I’m also a qualified teacher with a MA in Literature, and I’m here to help you to harness the power of storytelling in your life and creative work.

‘This was a wonderful course. Laura has put a lot of thought and care into each lesson. She writes beautifully about storytelling and stepping into your own story. I throughly enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of her wonderful photos and learning how to improve my own techniques. Little Stories of My Life challenged and inspired me; it changed the way I approach taking photos and sharing my own story.’ - Alexandra

'Laura has such a wonderfully gentle way of guiding us towards our stories and voice. I found it very soothing: the course has been a balm.' - Rebecca

'A supportive and super talented teacher who is generous to the core - it was an honour to be part of the course.' - Jane

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The next course starts Monday 4th November 2019 and runs for 5 weeks, finishing on Saturday 7th December 2019. Registration will remain open for one week after the course starts.
What if I’d like to take part but I don’t want to share my work online?
That’s absolutely fine! You’ll be recording the stories of your life in a way that works for you, and it’s entirely up to you as to how and where you share them, if at all. You’re still welcome to be part of the Facebook community which will provide encouragement and accountability, allowing you to view other members' work, get inspired and ask questions.
What equipment do I need?
You will need: 1) a camera (a smart phone camera is perfect). 2) a notebook and pen (feel free to use this as an excuse to buy new stationery if that’s your thing!). 3) access to a printer to allow you to print & complete worksheets . 4) time to interact with the community. 5) time to read the lessons & complete the action tasks & homework. (You’ll receive a daily lesson Monday-Thursday, with a homework assignment on Fridays, some inspiration on Saturdays, and a day to catch up or rest on Sundays.)
I’m not on Facebook. Would the course still work for me?
You absolutely don’t need to take part in the Facebook community to do the course- it’s completely optional. (Alternatively, you could do as I have done and set up a separate Facebook profile to use just for this course, if that would work for you.) All the lessons etc. are hosted on Teachable. The Facebook group is just an added extra. There is also an Instagram hashtag for the course which allows students to share their work and connect with one another.
Is this course for me?
You sometimes feel overwhelmed by your busy life and would like to set aside some time in the day just for you. You’d like to learn how to take beautiful photographs that tell your own story. You want to take time to refocus, to find your voice, build your creative confidence and to learn storytelling skills. You worry that precious moments are slipping away and you’d like to know how to capture them with words & pictures. You’d love to find the courage to step into the frame and be a visible part of your own story. You’re looking for gentle accountability and the chance to build connections as part of a supportive community.
Can I continue to access the course materials after the five weeks?
Yes! You will have access to the course materials for a whole year. If you find that you don’t complete the course during the five weeks, you can catch up at your own pace.
I've already taken your Seasonal Storytelling E-course. Should I take this course?
Yes! Seasonal Storytelling courses are a burst of inspiration- a collection of storytelling elements and creative ideas, viewed though a seasonal lens. Little Stories of My Life is my signature E-Course- a meditative five week journey to help you to find your voice and tell your story. The courses have different content and are very much designed to complement one another.
Are refunds available?
As per Teachable T&Cs, students are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of their initial payment. After this point, refunds are not available under any circumstances.


Week One: What's Your Story?

Think about why and how we should tell our stories. Discover the power of narrative, how to connect with an audience, and my seven secrets of storytelling.

Week Two: Taking Pictures to Tell Your Story

Dive deeper into taking beautiful narrative images. Consider light, mood and feeling, editing, and visual storytelling.

Week Three: Moment by Moment - Mindful Storytelling

Learn to apply the principles of mindfulness to our storytelling, including mindful writing, meditative photography, and finding the beauty in the everyday.

Week Four: Stepping Into Your Story

Explore creative self-portraits - why and how to take them, and how to love them. I will guide you out from behind the camera and into the frame.

Week Five: Sharing Your Story

Dig deeper into written storytelling and learn about storytelling in print. Consider the most effective ways to share your story online, and to preserve your story with memory keeping.


‘I have loved this little course Laura. It has heart and soul. There's an intimacy to it that's reassuring and supportive. It has made me think very differently about creativity and helped me with ways to find my own voice.’ - Karen

'Your involvement with the students and your support were very evident...I would give the course 10/10.’ - Lynn

It's time to turn a new page of your story. Will you join me?

This course is not open for enrollment.